Shaping the Next Generation of Rapid Diagnostics

Saliva as a Diagnostic Body-Fluid

  • “Reflecting your body's health”
    Saliva contains over 5,000* proteins which reflect a broad range of physiological activities.
  • Ideal for home and self-diagnostic applications
    Saliva diagnostics is a safe, easy, accessible,
    low-cost and comfortable procedure.
  • The saliva challenge
    Unique biological, chemical and physical characters prevent reliable analysis by standard diagnostic tests.
  • Salignostics technology
    overcomes difficulties related to saliva analysis with innovative solutions that prepare saliva as an optimal and reliable diagnostic sample.
  • Platform technologies
    Our approach qualifies saliva for a variety of RDT’s such as pregnancy, ovulation, H.Pylori and malaria.
  • PregKit
    Our most advanced product, allows, for the first time, early pregnancy detection by saliva.

Very Safe

The device includes different safety mechanisms and was designed for maximum safety.


Low Production cost

Our product is low-cost. We have designed and engineered the production process to allow for competitive pricing of our product.


The device was designed to provide a simple and friendly user experience.


Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT) Market*

5 years Compound Annual
Growth Rate (CAGR) 4.1%

2019 expected revenue 

US$ 25.7 billion

Segmation of home and self use
applications provide: 80%

*Transparency Market Research, Global Rapid Medical Diagnostic Kits Market Revenue, 2011-2019 and market research

Management team

Aaron Palmon - DMD, PhD


Omer Deutsch - DMD, PhD


Guy Krief - PhD

Deputy CEO and CBDO

Raluca Cohen - PhD

VP R&D and Science

Yoav Neumann (PhD)


Max Herzberg - PhD

Chairman of Advisory Board

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Hadassah Medical Center
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