Our Team

Aaron Palmon (DMD, PhD) 
Co-Founder, President

  • Dean of The Hebrew University - Hadassah School of Dental Medicine Founded by the Alpha Omega Fraternity
  • Head and founder of the Hebrew University Teaching and Learning Center
  • 25 years of experience as a Principle Investigator at the Hebrew university
  • Previously, Associate editor at Oral Diseases journal.
  • Author of over 60 peer reviewed scientific articles, 14 competitive grants, patents and winner of 20 international awards in the field of saliva diagnostics and salivary glands regenerative therapy

Omer Deutsch (DMD, PhD)
Co-Founder, CEO

  • Extensive 10 years experience in leading variety of biotech research projects in fields such as proteomics , orthodontics, and diagnostics
  • Inventor of 4 patents in the field of salivary diagnostics
  • Fund-raising and investor relations experience
  • Author and contributor of 7 peer reviewed scientific articles in the field of saliva proteomics and diagnostics

Guy Krief (PhD)
Co-Founder, Deputy CEO and CBDO 

  • Former experience as a business executive of bio-medical start-ups in the field of stem cells therapy for breast cancer
  • Developer of novel technologies in the fields of cancer therapy and bio-markers identification for several applications
  • Inventor of 3 patents in the field of diagnostics and molecular cell biology
  • Author and contributor of 6 peer reviewed scientific articles in the field of saliva proteomics and diagnostics

Raluca Cohen (PhD)
Co-Founder, VP R&D and Science

  • Developer and inventor of new saliva based diagnostic approaches
  • Developer of new stem-cell therapy methodologies
  • Broad experience in development of both in-vivo and in vitro models for irradiation diseases
  • Saliva proteomics expert
  • Extensive laboratory experience in the fields of: Microsurgery, cell culture, molecular biology, stem cells isolation and cultivation, tissue engineering and stem sell transplantation therapy
  • Awardee of the Dean’s Award for Excellence 2015
  • Awardee of five international awards for novelty and excellence in salivary research

Yoav Neumann (PhD)
Co-Founder, CFO*

  • Advisor of bio-medical start-ups
  • Former business executive experience in a bio-medical start-up developing stem-cells based therapy for breast cancer
  • Expert in Study Design and Leader of both commercial and scientific oriented projects
  • Developer of several laboratory methods integrating approaches from Multiple scientific disciplines
  • Strategic planning for new products pipeline
  • Winner of 4 international awards for excellent scientific achievements

* Salignostics’ accounting is guided by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)-Israel’s Hi-Tech consulting group. Bookkeeping and other financial services are provided by Nextage Israel Ltd. 

Max Herzberg, (PhD)
Chairman of Advisory Board

  • Founder of Eager BioGroup Ltd, co-founded Hemoscreen-Medical in 2009 and co-founded D-Pharm Limited in 1993.
  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Orgenics Ltd from 1983 to 1998, the Israeli leading diagnostic company now belonging to the Inverness Medical group.
  • Managed a number of other successful companies such as Vascular Biogenics (VBL), Vecta, and Fertiseeds.
  • Executive Chairman of Anima Cell Metrology Ltd and as
    Director and Member of Advisory board of MND Diagnostic Ltd. (also known as Modules for Novel Diagnostics Ltd.)